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Whether you’ve been looking for a steal on an older MacBook Air or want to save on a more recent one, The Daily Caller Shop currently offers refurbished options that offer all the features and benefits of brand-new tech at considerable discounts. Both the 2012 and 2015 models provide razor-thin aluminum casing, sharp displays, and top-shelf internals for their respective years. Take a peek—you can get the 2012 Core i5 13″ for $779 after 35% off the $1199 MSRP, or spring for the 2015 at $929 after a 33% discount on the original $1399.

Normally $1200, this certified refurbished MacBook Air is 35 percent off

Apple MacBook Air 13″ Core I5 (Certified Refurbished) on sale for $779

Both models include a range of amazing features, including i5 processors with Intel Turbo Boost tech to save you power and give you extra oomph when needed. You get 12 hours of battery time at full tilt., and 4GB RAM ensures you can multi-task without a hitch, while 1440 x 900 resolution makes for a very detailed image. With the 2015 model, you add a 128GB SSD for super-fast storage to the mix, as well as more powerful Intel HD 6000 graphics for video & game work.

It’s no secret why MacBooks are the most sought-after laptops around. If you’d love an Air but don’t like the retail price, head over to the Daily Caller Shop to check out these two models. Get 35% or 33% off the 2012 or 2015 respectively—$779 or $929 out the door.

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