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Morning Mirror: Reporter Says Trump Has ‘Aged Little’ After Two Years In The Oval Office

By The Daily Caller.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“If you want to feel good about your sex life, come hang out at our apartment.” 

Abby Huntsman, ABC’s The View, on Monday’s program. The pregnant co-host says she still looks at her husband as he walks out the door and thinks “he looks hot.” On a side note, in December, the show hired a talent coach to help Huntsman connect with the audience. Is it working? In early January, she announced that she’s expecting twins.

White House leaking gone wild 

Axios publishes President Trump‘s private schedules.

MADELEINE WESTERHOUT, WH director of Oval Office operations: “What a disgraceful breach of trust to leak schedules. What these don’t show are the hundreds of calls and meetings takes everyday. This POTUS is working harder for the American people than anyone in recent history.”

JOSH GERSTEIN: “White House is entirely free to publish details of those ‘hundreds of calls and meetings’ Trump is said to take daily. In fact, if they were on the record, a story like the Axios one wouldn’t have much sting.”

MAGGIE HABERMAN: “White House has decided that some bad press – very light schedule! – is better than keeping accessible records of his meetings.”

Kind of an odd crack for Haberman to make after landing a lengthy sit-down with Trump. Reporter Peter Baker was her co-byline.

ELIANA JOHNSON, Politico: “Trump has shaped the office to himself rather than conforming to the office, to an astonishing degree. Executive time is one indication. Another: He’s aged very little in the two years he’s held the office.” (Chances are pretty good that Trump will take this as a compliment. Typically presidents go gray and get age spots during their time in the White House, as was the case with former President Obama.)

White House hires Roger Stone to handle IT 

Yeah, not that Roger Stone, the blond one recently indicted on seven counts. This one is Roger L. Stone and he’s very bald. An online bio says Stone II has a M.S. in IT Management from Webster University in St. Louis. Some observers joked that Trump had no idea who he was really hiring when the administration brought on Roger L. Stone.

Credit: Politico Florida Playbook.

Daily Beast reporter makes weird GOP abortion joke involving his cat 

“My favorite part of waking up is my kitten immediately pouncing on me, like a Republican lawmaker on an abortion comment, amirite???????” — Asawin Subesaeng, The Daily Beast.

He added, “Anyway, hacky joke aside, my fav part is how damn cute she is and how much she purrs atop me but she also extends her claws *ever so gently* on my throat or chest not infrequently, JUST to show me who’s boss and that it is time for sustenance, swin.”

TV host raises points on the ladies room 

“I recently attended an event at a Convention Center where they had unisex public bathrooms. Women would stand outside the bathroom and ask a man to make sure the ‘coast was clear’ before using it. I remember, thinking, ‘This is insane. This can’t possibly work.'” …

“It seems odd to me that in this day and age of #MeToo and claims of sexual harassment for just looking at someone the wrong way, Stanford University would be building unisex locker rooms where young men and women would be forced to get undressed together. What could go wrong?”

Bill Mitchell, host of Your Voice America. What could go wrong?

Ex-New Yorker dining editor is not happy 

“When the host of the food show you recorded a segment for ignores you on twitter and doesn’t follow you on Instagram this means they are never running the segment. You are not in his clique. Absorb it.” — Emily Nunn, former arts/dining editor, The New Yorker.

Joy Behar couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl 

“I’ll watch it when I’m dead.” — Joy Behar, ABC’s The View, on Sunday’s Super Bowl. She said you take a stance against racism when you don’t go — not when you show it.

Gossip Roundup

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Ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) will appear… on ABC’s The View this week with his mother. WTH? Jackson Jr. left Congress under a dark cloud of scandal in 2013 when he was sentenced to 30 months behind bars. His crimes involved using his campaign funds for items such as fur coats and a Rolex. He has been treated for a bipolar disorder. A weird detail… I hope they’ll ask about: Jackson Jr. estranged wife, Sandi, has tried to subpoena TV journo Tamron Hall to provide details about the couple’s marriage.

COMEY will speak… “Former FBI director James Comey, the man whose firing triggered the special counsel investigation into President Donald Trump, will speak Monday in Sarasota as part of the Ringling College Library Association Town Hall lecture series.” — Lauren Verno, BayNews9.

Former French MP is striking back against #MeToo… He’s suing the six women who accused him of harassing them. Here.

Traffic around the Capitol… will turn to shit Tuesday night during Trump’s SOTU address… here.

Eric Swalwell’s presidential slogan: ‘Enough is Enough?’

“It’s Friday, so call me crazy, but I can’t wait for next week. On Wednesday, our ⁦‪@HouseJudiciary‬⁩ Committee will have the first hearing on gun violence in 8 years. A new Congress is putting your right to be safe over any other rights.#EnoughIsEnough.”

“For too long, an NRA-controlled Congress failed to pass common sense gun laws, instead allowing the most dangerous weapons to be in the hands of the most dangerous people. Predictably, thousands have died. & Congress would respond w/ moments of silence & zero moments of action. …Those days are over. Your life matters. Your child’s freedom to learn without fear matters. Your ability to go to church without going through a metal detector matters. And young black men, who we lose every day in our cities to gun violence, matter. #EnoughIsEnough

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), who is considering a 2020 presidential race.