Here’s How Saints Fans Celebrated The Super Bowl Results In New Orleans

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Saints fans didn’t seem too heartbroken by the Rams’ decided loss to the Patriots at Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.

The Saints, who lost in a heartbreaking fashion to the Rams in New Orleans’ Super Dome last month, did what they know best following the Rams’ crushing defeat Sunday. They took to the streets and rioted. (RELATED: Sean Payton Spent Three Days Eating Ice Cream And Watching Netflix After NFC Championship Game Loss)


You’ll recall … the Saints forfeited their chances at getting to the Super Bowl this year after the refs apparently swallowed their whistles and refused to call pass interference on an obviously dirty play late in the game. It ended up at least marginally contributing to the Saints’ 26–23 loss to the Rams.

So, if you were a Saints fan and you watched the Rams struggle to put up three points in front of the whole world in the biggest game of the season, you might be inclined to riot, too.

Is it a little petty for New Orleans to celebrate another team’s loss in such an epic fashion? Yes. But do they kind of deserve to at least feel a little vindicated? Likely.

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