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Practically everyone knows how important your bed setup is to great sleep and rejuvenation. This Knee Pillow is specially formulated to keep your leg supported, promoting comfort and helping to heal any injuries. Made of memory foam & bamboo, it’s designed to perfectly match the curve of your leg and keep it in the best position for recovery. Plus, it’s only $23 right now at The Daily Caller Shop compared to the normal price of $50—a 54% discount.

Normally $50, this bamboo knee pillow is 54 percent off

Bamboo Knee Pillow on sale for $23

Thanks to the special shape, you can increase circulation and decrease all kinds of pain, from aches to sharp jolts. And because this pillow lessens pressure in the hip and surrounding joints, your overall comfort stands to be greatly enhanced. Easily machine-wash the removable cover when it starts to get dirty, and you’ll have improved rest for a long time to come.

Check out the Bamboo Knee Pillow today at The Daily Caller Shop, where it’s currently 54% off and only $23 down from the $50 MSRP.

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