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Ann Coulter Savagely Shreds Trump For Giving A ‘Sappy’ Speech

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

The thorn in President Trump‘s side grew more uncomfortable tonight.

Conservative Mean Girl Ann Coulter despised the speech Trump delivered to Congress and the nation in his 2019 State of the Union Address.

And on Tuesday night, she didn’t even try to control herself.

Here are some of her nastier moments.

Coulter is a tough critic for Trump and some believe she can really get into his head. For months now, she has been laying into the president for his inability to build his wall. She does seem to enjoy taking him to the woodshed. This is a woman who jokes about presidential funerals. (RELATED: Ann Coulter Moves Herself Into Trump Enemy Territory)

The famous TV pundit got pushback. Examples include this: “You are such a bitter person. I feel sorry for you.” Another observer told her to find her vibrator. Another wondered when her name became “God.” Another told her to check for early dementia. Another told her to go to bed. And still another said she has become “restless and annoying.”

In what may be Coulter’s meanest remark of all, she said Trump’s speech couldn’t even hold her attention.

“I was too tired to watch his whole speech,” she cracked.