Democrats Are Forming A Circular Firing Squad

Derek Hunter | Contributor

It’s been a rough 24 hours for Democrats. After thinking they were getting their problems in Virginia under control, the wheels came off. And beyond Virginia, there are signs of cracking as the extreme left is preparing for a civil war for control of the party, led by none other than New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the people who made her. We cover it all and more on today’s edition of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast.

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The drama in Virginia continues. Just when it seemed like things couldn’t get worse than having a Democratic governor admitting to dressing up in blackface, the lieutenant governor has allegations of sexual assault against him surfacing. The party of “#BelieveAllWomen” during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings is now dealing with those chickens coming home to roost as Justin Fairfax is attempting to fend off an accusation that he forced a woman to perform a sex act on him in 2004.

Turns out, that in an attempt to quash the story, Fairfax actually made it worse when he said the Washington Post found “significant red flags and inconsistencies within the allegations.” This caused the Post to come out and deny that assertion and report what they’d heard, but were unable to corroborate. You know you’ve had a bad day when you’re a bigger story than a white governor in blackface.

Democrats blocked an attempt in the Senate to unambiguously criminalize infanticide, claiming the new bill was unnecessary because it was already illegal. That’s exactly what Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran claimed when defending her bill that started this whole mess in Virginia for Gov. Ralph Northam. If her bill made no changes in existing law, why was it necessary?

Democrats have lined up a clown car of victims to be their guests at tonight’s State of the Union Address. Illegal aliens, formerly furloughed federal workers, radical environmental activists, transgender soldiers — you name the identity group and a Democrat has invited someone from it to be their guest at the speech.

A Democrat once blamed the U.S. for inspiring terrorism, Nancy Pelosi’s favorite Bible verse isn’t in the Bible, a rap star is facing deportation, and the Democrats are on the verge of a purge and a civil war— all this and more on the today’s show, don’t miss it.

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