REVIEW: ‘I Am The Night’ Is Strong In Second Episode ‘Phenomenon of Interference’

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“I Am the Night” didn’t disappoint in its second episode Monday night on TNT.


There were a couple key takeaways from the second episode, which was titled “Phenomenon of Interference.” The first, and biggest one of them all, is that Fauna Hodel (India Eisley) finally comes face-to-face with her grandfather and suspected Black Dahlia killer George Hodel while looking at part of his art collection.

It would appear that George has been having her followed. We don’t know why just yet, but it seems to becoming clearer and clearer that she’s being tailed. The shady guy you’ve seen keeping tabs on her spends a substantial amount of time with George.

Fauna also seems shaken when she finally gets her eyes on her grandfather. This is likely because she now realizes he was there at the bus stop as she came to Los Angeles in episode one. As I’m sure you can imagine, that’s pretty creepy.

Secondly, it’s revealed that Fauna isn’t mixed-race at all. In fact, she’s 100 percent white and her entire perception of her life has pretty much been a lie. This wasn’t really a shocking development at all. The writing has been on the wall since day one.

As for Jay, Chris Pine continues to impress as the drugged-out reporter. There is an extremely bizarre scene between him and some woman who appears to be a junkie that results him throwing her out of his apartment.

It’s clear that Jay suffers from some serious substance abuse issues, but that only really makes the character all the more interesting. It’s also revealed that he has a history of looking into Hodel, and that it has cost him dearly.

This ties back to the comment made in the first episode about some stories not wanting to be told.


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To be totally clear, I’m not sure that I still know exactly what is going on or what the endgame is here. That’s might not be an accident on the part of the writers.

I’m confused as to why Hodel has been tracking his granddaughter, followed her to a bus stop and then was in the same art exhibit in the creepiest fashion possible. (RELATED: Everybody Is Talking About This Upcoming Show About An Infamous Murder. Check Out The Preview)

It couldn’t be clearer that he’s a lunatic, but we haven’t actually see him kill anybody yet. Something tells me that might be on the schedule sooner than later.


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All in all, I’m still enjoying “I Am the Night” a lot. Is it perfect? No, but it is enjoyable and Pine has been outstanding. Plus, India Eisley is a bit of a smoke. It’s never hard to watch when she’s on screen.


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Tune in next week to find out what we get in episode three.

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