Patriots Fans Fight Each Other During Super Bowl Parade

Patriots fight (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Patriots fans let each other having it during Tuesday’s Super Bowl parade in Boston.

Barstool Sports shared a video of fans beating the absolute tar out of each other during the victory parade after beating the Rams on Sunday night. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Greatest Women On Instagram)

This isn’t some minor dustup, either. These fans were doing their best to obliterate each other. Give it a watch below, but be warned that it’s absolutely brutal.

This is just a rough look. Imagine being at a Super Bowl parade and thinking it’s a good idea to start throwing haymakers at other people.

It’s beyond idiotic! The Patriots just won the Super Bowl! Fans should be celebrating. They shouldn’t be trying to behead each other. (RELATED: Patriots Super Bowl Victory Gets A TV Rating Of 44.9, Lowest Watched Game In A Decade)

Tom Brady just got his sixth ring. That’s a reason to drink some beers and party. Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes getting punched in the face while drinking some beers.

Having said all of that, there’s no question that was one of the best sports-related fights that we’ve seen all year. Those guys gave it everything they had, just like the Patriots did against the Rams.

They left it all out on the field. Some small degree of us all has to respect that Patriots fans are always emulating their organization and giving 100 percent, even when it involves brawling.

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