Jason Chaffetz Says Pelosi’s SOTU Guest Could Be Good For Trump

Jason Chaffetz appears on "Outnumbered," 2/5/2019/ Screen Shot/Fox News

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former Republican Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he likes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s choice of guest for the State of the Union address set Tuesday night, arguing that it could ultimately be a win for President Donald Trump.


“Outnumbered” host Harris Faulkner began the Tuesday segment by explaining that Speaker Pelosi had opted to bring a DACA recipient as her guest to the event.

“Pelosi is bringing a woman who came to the United States from Guatemala when she was 9,” Faulkner said. “A DACA recipient. A youth organizer for the coalition of humane immigrant rights of Los Angeles.”

Chaffetz responded by saying that he would like to see more DACA recipients in the gallery — because while Pelosi has repeatedly argued that she is working for immigrants while President Donald Trump stands in her way, he thought the message might actually work in Trump’s favor. (RELATED: Is The Bible Verse Nancy Pelosi Quoted Actually In The Bible?)

“Donald Trump has gone so far above and beyond to make a deal to DACA recipients, I wish the place was filled with DACA recipients,” Chaffetz said. “Let them understand that it’s only Nancy Pelosi who stands in their way of being in a better place than they are today. Because Donald Trump is bending over backwards to do that. And I wouldn’t be surprised, in this late hour, if he knows that she’s in that audience, he might call her out.”

The president proposed an extension of DACA protections as part of a deal to end the recent government shutdown — a deal that was flatly rebuffed by Democratic leadership in both the House and the Senate.

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