These Liquor Glasses Are Made With A Real Bullet Inside

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After a long day at work or when unwinding on the weekend, enjoying your favorite spirit is the best way to relax. Instead of sipping out of plain cups, class up your drinking game with the BenShot “Bulletproof” Rocks Glass Gift Set. The gift set includes two glasses, currently on sale for $35.50 in the Daily Caller shop.

Get both glasses for under $40

Get both glasses for under $40

Two Liquor Glasses with real .308 bullet embedded in glass on sale for $35.50 

A real .308 copper bullet is embedded in each glass. The bullet is lead-free so it’s safe to drink out of the glasses. Impress the hunter or historical enthusiast in your life when you invite them over for happy hour. Pour 11 oz of scotch, bourbon, or whatever quenches your thirst in each glass. At $35.50, the BenShot “Bulletproof” Rocks Glass Gift Set also makes an affordable present for your favorite tippler.

The glasses were made in the great state of Wisconsin with packaging and materials that are 100% American. Because each glass is handcrafted, no two are exactly the same.

Add some heat to your imbibing when you buy the BenShot “Bulletproof” Rocks Glass Gift Set in the Daily Caller shop for a sales price of $35.50.

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