Updated Super Bowl TV Ratings Show That The Game Averaged Nearly 100 Million Viewers

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The updated television ratings show a ton of people watched the game between the Rams and Patriots, but it was still a drop from prior years.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the game averaged a little more than 98 million viewers during the CBS broadcast of the Patriots win. That was a 5-percent dip from last year. The game was also the least watched Super Bowl in the past decade. (RELATED: Patriots Super Bowl Victory Gets A TV Rating Of 44.9, Lowest Watched Game In A Decade)


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I really have no idea at all why the ratings were so bad. It could be the low scoring. It could be the fact people are tired of all the winning New England does.

It’s honestly a mystery to me. I just assumed absolutely everybody would watch the big game. Apparently, that was a foolish thing to believe.

It’s just mind-boggling how bad the ratings were, and even the updated ones didn’t provide any good news for the NFL.


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I’m not sure what the solution is, or if this is just a one-off event. Averaging nearly 100 million viewers is still a ton of people, but you never want to see numbers dip.

That’s never a good sign. Roger Goodell and all the other geniuses running the show better figure it out, because the last thing the NFL wants is to ratings in the Super Bowl to decline two years in a row.

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