Details Of NFL Star Antonio Brown’s Alleged Domestic Dispute Incident Get Released

David Hookstead | Reporter

More details have emerged regarding an alleged domestic dispute involving Antonio Brown, and they’re wild.

It was reported earlier in the week that police were involved in an alleged domestic dispute between the Steelers receiver, but virtually nothing was known.

All that was made clear was that Brown, who has denied everything, wasn’t arrested. Thanks to TMZ, we now know the woman who contacted the police was the mother of Brown’s child, and she tried to eventually retract her claims. (RELATED: Antonio Brown Reportedly Involved In Domestic Dispute Back In January)

TMZ reported the following update Wednesday on the alleged interaction:

The woman initially told cops she went to Brown’s home to drop off their daughter and get reimbursement for the daughter’s recent hair appointment. 

The woman claimed Brown tried to kick her off the property — and an argument ensued, with Brown ultimately using both hands to push her out of the doorway, “Causing [her] to fall backwards to the ground.”

The woman told police she suffered a scraped wrist as a result of the incident. Cops say they noticed the scrape and photographed the injury.

It gets crazier. The same TMZ report claimed the woman eventually did a 180 and told police she “wished to cancel her report.” She claimed she blocked Brown from closing a door, and got upset when police wouldn’t “cancel” the report.

So, this is pretty damn bizarre, right? The woman made a police report and then got upset when the police wouldn’t just throw it in the trash.

Was she unaware of what a police report is? There’s almost zero chance anything comes out of this from a legal perspective from Brown, especially because she tried to retract her claim.

Having said that, this is still a disaster for the NFL star. He’s already seemingly feuding with the entire league, and now he’s in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

It literally couldn’t be a worse situation.


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If I had to guess, the past few months weren’t at all like Brown hoped they would be. Instead of tearing it up in the offseason, he’s been involved with this scandal and fighting with his own team.

Life can’t be too good for the Steelers star at the moment.

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