Van Jones: Trump’s SOTU Address Was ‘A Psychotically Incoherent Speech With Cookies And Dog Poop’

Mike Brest Reporter
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CNN’s Van Jones had harsh criticisms for President Donald Trump following his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Having a theme of “choosing greatness,” Trump’s speech began with a call for unity and went on to tout his administration’s successes throughout his first two years. He also implored Congress to act on immigration, prescription drug pricing, trade and infrastructure.


Jones said, “I saw this as a psychotically incoherent speech with cookies and dog poop. He tries to put together in the same speech these warm, kind things about humanitarianism and caring about children, and at the same time he is demonizing people who are immigrants in a way that was appalling.”

“Demonizing child trafficking,” former Republican Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum interjected. (RELATED: Nicolle Wallace Praises SOTU Rebuttals, Says Trump ‘Didn’t Mean’ What He Said)

“No, no, hold on a second. There were people in that gallery who were children who have been torn away from their mothers at the border. He did not mention them. There were soldiers who were transgender who have been thrown out of the military,” Jones added. “He didn’t mention them. There are — there are people who — there are veterans — he talked about veterans. There are veterans who he has thrown out of this country who are dreamers. He did not mention them.”

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