We Now Know How The Colorado Jogger Strangled A Mountain Lion With His Bare Hands


Jena Greene Reporter
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The man who was attacked by a mountain lion — and then managed to strangle it to death — is finally explaining how he pulled it off.

The 30-something jogger, who is still yet to be identified, has enjoyed a cycle of positive publicity as he recuperates in a local Colorado hospital. But The Denver Post managed to speak with the man, and now they’re explaining exactly what happened on that fateful Monday morning. (RELATED: Mountain Lion Attacks Lone Jogger, Gets Suffocated By His Bare Hands)

Until recently, we only knew that the man strangled the mountain lion to death at Horsetooth Mountain, about an hour north of Denver. But his account paints a much clearer picture.

Here’s what happened, per The Denver Post:

The man whipped his head around and saw a mountain lion that wildlife officials believe was less than a year old stalking him.

…He yelled at the animal and waved his arms over his head to make himself look bigger.

…As it went for his head and neck, the man blocked the cat with his forearms, but the mountain lion bit him on the face and clamped its fangs on the man’s wrist — and wouldn’t let go, Ferrell said.

The man picked up a rock with his free hand and pounded the cat in the head, but the animal hung on. He then put the lion in a headlock and wrestled and scrapped with the creature on the trail, Ferrell said.

When he finally managed to free his wrist from the cat’s jaws, the runner counterattacked. He jumped on the mountain lion’s back, and, using his hands, arms and feet, he choked the animal to death, she said.

He then hiked to his car and drove to a local hospital.

Every expert who has heard his story seems to believe he is 100% credible.

“This is crazy but true. We have no reason to believe that this is a hoax,” Rebecca Ferrell, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Parks And Wildlife, said. “He should never have to buy another beer in his life.”

The man, who has since been released from the hospital, says he’d previously looked up what to do in the event of a mountain lion attack.

“Not only is he brave, but he is very conscientious,” Ferrell said. “He was also as prepared as they come.”

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