Facebook Ditches Performance Bonuses To Reward Those Who Focus On ‘Social Issues’

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Celine Ryan Contributor
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Facebook has launched a new employee evaluation system with new bonus criteria focused on “incentivizing” employees to “make progress” on “major social issues.”

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a number of changes to the bonus structure on Tuesday, reports CNBC. These changes involve a shift from performance-based incentives to a program that rewards employees based on more abstract, socially-focused targets.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – NOVEMBER 04: Mark Zuckerberg (L) and Priscilla Chan attend the 2019 Breakthrough Prize at NASA Ames Research Center on November 4, 2018 in Mountain View, California. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images for Breakthrough Prize)

Over the next six months, Facebook employees will be judged based on new standards, as the company moves “from a focus on growth, to a focus on change,” according to a Facebook spokeswoman ,who noted additional new criteria included in the new program, such as transparent communication and active support of businesses that depend on Facebook.

“Over the past two years, we’ve fundamentally changed how we run Facebook,” the tech company explained in a statement. “This particular change is designed to ensure that we are incentivizing people to keep making progress on the major social issues facing the internet and our company.” (RELATED: Spooked Facebook Employees Using Burner Phones To ‘Talk Sh*t About The Company’)

In the past, Facebook employees earned traditional performance bonuses, based on factors such as driving use, engagement, and revenue, as well as increasing product quality, branding, and other revenue-oriented goals. 

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