KERNS: What Do The State Of The Union’s Ladies In White Stand For?

Jen Kerns Contributor
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Female members of the Democratic caucus dressed in white for last night’s State of the Union address in order to be visually seen as one bloc — and boy, were they ever.

As President Trump spoke of American greatness and even greater things yet to come, the ladies in white couldn’t bring themselves to stand for, well, much of anything.

When President Trump pledged that “America will never be a socialist country,” the women remained seated, despite the fact that socialism around the world has historically hurt women and children the most. Socialism has been responsible for the murder of 100 million people worldwide since its founding.

When Trump said, “We were born free and we will stay free,” the women remained seated — an ironic choice, given that they were dressed in white to celebrate women’s suffrage, one of the greatest freedoms granted to women in American history.

The women also remained seated when Trump said that Congress can choose the politics of “resistance and revenge,” or they can “choose greatness.” Apparently they don’t want greatness, either.

On economic issues — surely a point upon which everyone can agree — they once again remained seated.

As Trump touted the lowest unemployment in half a century for all Americans, the women didn’t stand.

As he touted an all-time low unemployment for Americans with disabilities, they women didn’t stand.

He touted the lowest unemployment for women in 50 years and — you guessed it — they didn’t stand.

He announced the lowest unemployment for Asian Americans of all time — they didn’t stand. Even the Asian American women of the Democratic caucus didn’t stand.

When he shared that more Americans were at work than ever before in history — a stunning 157 million people — they didn’t stand.

It was only when he mentioned that more women were in the workforce than ever before and that they were the largest female class ever elected to Congress, did they stand.

However, on moral issues, they went back to sitting on their hands.

As Trump spoke about the need to protect newborn babies from being murdered as they were being delivered, the ladies in white didn’t stand.

When he spoke of human trafficking and the need to stop horrific things happening to women and children illegally crossing the border, the ladies didn’t stand. Even as he spoke of one in three women being sexually assaulted on their journey to cross into America, the ladies didn’t stand.

As he spoke of “angel families” who’ve had their children, parents and grandparents violently beaten, robbed and ripped from their lives, they didn’t stand.

When Trump spoke of stopping the 100,000 violent assaults perpetrated by illegal immigrants in just the last two years, they didn’t stand.

When he spoke of stopping the nearly 30,000 sexual assaults perpetrated on Americans by illegal immigrants in the last two years, the ladies didn’t stand.

And when he spoke of ending the 4,000 killings at the hands of illegal immigrants in the last two years, they could not bring themselves to stand.

As Trump pledged, “Not one more American life should be lost” due to our dangerous border — they could not bring themselves to stand.

The Democratic women’s failure to stand on issues that matter most to Americans showed that they stand against freedom from socialism; against economic prosperity that lifts men, women and children up; and against the most basic safety and national security for their fellow American citizens.

In the end, the Democrats’ failure to stand for what really matters ironically tells us exactly where the Democratic Party stands today.

Jen Kerns (@JenKernsUSA) served as spokeswoman for the California Republican Party; spokeswoman for California’s Proposition 8, which went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court; and as a Fox News writer for the 2016 U.S. presidential debates.

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