Michael B. Jordan Reveals Why He Went To Therapy After Playing This Blockbuster Role

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Actor Michael B. Jordan revealed he went through a dark period after playing the antagonist in the hit movie “Black Panther.”

Jordan, 31, revealed to Oprah Winfrey during her Super Soul Conversation series, that his villainous role played with his mental health and forced him to spend more time alone. (RELATED: ‘Black Panther’ Writer Rips Marvel For Not Inviting Her To Movie Premiere)

“I spent a lot of time alone,” he said, per CNN. “I figured Erik, his childhood growing up was pretty lonely. He didn’t have a lot of people he could talk to about this place called Wakanda that didn’t exist.”


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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”

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So he said he channeled all his “pain and rage and all those emotions” his character represents from “being black and brown here in America.”

Jordan added that he purposefully tried to put himself in “this lonely place” to channel his darkness.


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Wakanda Forever. #blackpanther #teamkillmonger

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“Your mind is so powerful. Your mind will get your body past a threshold that it would have given up on way before,” he continued. “Honestly, therapy, just talking to somebody just helped me out a lot. As a man you get a lot of slack for it. … I don’t really subscribe to that. Everyone needs to unpack and talk.”

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