Pacers Fans Chant ‘LeBron’s Gonna Trade You’ At Lakers Star Brandon Ingram

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Pacers fans had a brutal chant for Los Angeles Lakers star Brandon Ingram Tuesday night during a 136-94 win.

As Ingram stepped to the free throw line, the fans erupted into a chant of “LeBron’s gonna trade you.” The chant is in reference to the fact Ingram is believed to be part of any potential trade for Pelicans center Anthony Davis, and pretty much everybody believes that would only be done to please LeBron James(SLIDESHOW: These Are The Greatest Women On Instagram)

It really doesn’t get much more brutal than that chant. Talk about emasculating. Imagine being an NBA player at the free throw line, and an entire stadium reminds you that your teammate pretty much controls your whole life. (RELATED: Anthony Davis Fined $50,000 For Public Trade Demand)

Absolutely brutal on every single level.


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This whole Anthony Davis situation is just out of control, and it’s another great reminder how LeBron is without a doubt the most powerful player in the league.

Every team he’s ever played for has pretty much had to bend to his will. It’s incredible to watch, and the Lakers are the latest team to get that experience.

Of course, it’s a smart decision. LeBron is the best player on the planet, and you should do whatever it takes.

I’m not sure that will make Ingram feel much better, but it’s the truth.

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