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Morning Mirror: Trump’s Speech Gets Rave, Vicious And ‘Dog Poop’ Reviews

By The Daily Caller

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Washington Examiner: “The State of the Union was Trump at his best” 

NYT: “A Call For Bipartisanship With a Familiar Partisan Sting”

CNN: “Trump Faces His First Divided Congress For SOTU”

“My favorite part of the speech was where Trump was all like leave me alone with the investigations or people will die.” — Brian Beutler, EIC, CrookedMedia.

“Racist fucked up content aside, the writing is just so bad.” — Tommy Vietor, ex-aide to former President Obama.

“Kim Kardashian robbed of a mention in the #SOTU” 

“The only thing that the Democrats uniform was missing tonight is the matching hood.” — Katrina Pierson, senior adviser to President Trump’s 2020 campaign.

“The State of the Union is tired.” — Grace Segers, political correspondent, CBS News.

There were clearly differences of opinion on some issues, but I have not seen a SOTU in recent years when the opposition applauded to the degree it did tonight. — John Roberts, White House correspondent, Fox News.

“This has been a deeply adept speech in terms of policy. He cut to the muscle on legal and illegal immigration, on abortion and infanticide, on foreign wars. His vow on socialism will be remembered. Great heroes in the balcony, a real American panoply.” — Peggy Noonan, WSJ columnist.

“Best State of the Union speech in my lifetime delivered by the best @POTUS since George Washington and it’s not even over yet! God bless @realDonaldTrump.” — Jerry Falwell, University President, preacher. His Twitter bio warns: “Haters will be blocked.”

“That was an outstanding speech, Mr. President!” — Mark R. Levin, conservative radio host.

“These speeches are terrible, and such large portions.” — Josh BarroNew York Mag.

“It did ring a Richard Nixon, didn’t it? …This is the speech Donald Trump always give. …The speech was just packed with lies. He talks about economic miracle. There is no economic miracle.” — MSNBC “Morning Joe” c0-host Joe Scarborough. (RELATED: Did Joe And Mika’s Nuptials Damage America’s Founding Docs?) 

Congresswoman responds to Trump with a dance

CNN commentator Ana Navarro wanted to boycott SOTU 

In other words, not do her job.

“I was toying with idea of boycotting Trump’s SOTU and filing my nails instead….but I guess I’ll have to tune in.” — Ana Navarro, political commentator, CNN, ABC’s “The View.”

Dining Out With Roger Stone

“Roger Stone and I had dinner last night in VERY blue Broward County. Overwhelmingly Dem. Despite that, nearly everyone who left the restaurant stopped by our table expressing support for Roger and Trump, and nothing but contempt for Mueller. I don’t know who the MSM is polling.” — John Cardillo, host, Newsmax.

“So you dine with felons on the regular?” — Montel Williams.

Abrams didn’t even watch the speech? 

“Source close to says she didn’t watch the President’s speech — and indeed she focused on his policies not his words tonight. Source also says Abrams wrote the speech herself.” — CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Cassandra Fairbanks on racism…

“These fucking liberal activist journalists always call me racist and I’m like… against who though? The only time I really tweet about race is when I’m joking about beating people with chanclas. Do they think I’m racist against myself or…?” — Cassandra Fairbanks, The Gateway Pundit.

Why you should always record your interviews 

“OK, since you all asked: You should always record your interviews because it is very important that, later, you can go back and listen to your own voice and realize how terrible you are and want to die.” — Matt Berman, politics editor, BuzzFeed News.

Journo gets slammed by company that wants to recruit her

“Interesting recruitment strategy for a media company to call someone a ‘media chud’ and try to hire that same person all in the same month.” — Maya Kosoff, formerly new Gawker.

Immigration agent interrogates BuzzFeed exec at JFK


David Mack is the deputy director of BuzzFeed News.

Feb. 3, 9:02 p.m.: “The immigration agent at JFK just saw that I work for Buzzfeed and just grilled me for 10 minutes about the cohen story which was fun given he gets to decide whether to let me back into the country. Anyway I did eventually get let in so suck it nerds you’re stuck with me still.”

“He was 100% convinced mueller had personally given a press conference calling us fake news and i had to politely assure him that didn’t happen while also not wanting to piss him off any further.”

“The funny part was he first said ‘oh BuzzFeed, you guys have had a rough time of late, huh’ and at first I was like ty for showing so much concern about the layoffs, my good sir.”

“Anyway there were literally dozens of people waiting and I shit you not he was about to Google the Mueller response to see if it was televised or at least grill me about it.”

“He did ask me repeatedly what if anything the Mueller inquiry has done and when i told him about the dozens of charges he said ‘but no collusion’ and I said that’s true but pointed out that like a dozen Russians had also been charged with meddling. he was nonplussed about that.”

“Anyway he was not a fan of Joy Behar, who somehow also came up.”

BuzzFeeder receives apology 

Feb. 5: “Update: Today I received a call from @CBP spokesman Andrew Meehan, who offered a personal apology on behalf of the agency & assured me that action was taken. He was very kind but clearly disturbed by what happened on Sunday night. I told him I was grateful for his apology.” — David Mack.

Read the full story here.

Joe Scarborough gives. shout-out toNorah Ephron 

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