Tucker Condemns The ‘Identity Politics’ Of Stacey Abrams

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Tucker Carlson took aim at former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and the “identity politics” she defended in an article published earlier this month.

One day after Abrams gave the Democratic rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, the Fox News host downplayed her speech, but called attention to the Foreign Affairs piece as “far more interesting” for those who “want to understand what the Democratic Party seeks for this country.”


“By embracing identity … Americans will become more likely to grow as one,” quoted Carlson, from a phrase found at the end of Abrams’ article.

“Ponder that, the less we have in common, the more united we will be,” Carlson said. “Is that true? Of course not. It’s absurd. Even Stacey Abrams doesn’t really believe it. Nobody does. Abrams doesn’t even bother to defend that premise, much less explain how exactly identity politics will unite this country.”

The Fox News host contended that Abrams isn’t interested in “united,” but rather “bitter division.”

Abrams spends the bulk of the piece calling on what she describes as the ‘marginalized’ to unite against the dominant groups. So who is marginalized and who is dominant? It’s not a small question. In the scheme of identity politics, it’s the only question that everything rides on. Everything rides on who’s the victim and who is the oppressor. That’s the entire equation. And Abrams spells out the answer in very clear language. The marginalized, she writes, includes ‘women, Native Americans, African-Americans, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community.’ The dominant are everyone who’s left. So do the subtraction. That is only one group. You know who they are and so does Stacey Abrams. She said these people are responsible for the suffering of everyone else and we need to overthrow them. She uses language of violence and war to describe what must come next. ‘Politics is the most effective method of revolt.’ Revolt. People get hurt in revolts. That’s the nature of revolts. Stacey Abrams knows that. She wants one anyway. She doesn’t hide it.

Carlson described Democrats as a “highly unstable collection of interest groups, many of them with radically different interests and goals,” rather than a “natural coalition.” (RELATED: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Refuses To Applaud Much Of Anything At SOTU — Twitter Took Notice)

“There’s no reason all of these groups should be voting for the same candidates in every election,” he said. “The only way to keep a fractured group like this together is by inventing a common enemy that everyone can oppose.”

“They think they can win the next election by telling Americans they must hate their neighbors for the color of their skin,” he concluded. “It’s possible this will work one more time, but then what happens, after the election? No election is worth the hatred and division of identity politics, not if you plan to live here, anyway.”

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