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CNN Refuses To Allow Patrick Howley To Go Live On Its Airwaves

By TheDC.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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There are few things that might entertain me more than watching Big League Politics Editor in Chief Patrick Howley engage with CNN’s Chief Man Baby Brian Stelter on live TV on Sunday’s “Reliable Sources.”

Howley broke the news of Virginia’s Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam‘s 1984 medical school yearbook page, which shows racist images of two men — one in blackface, another in a Klu Klux Klan outfit. Northam has ultimately denied that either of the men is him. He has, however, admitted to dressing up like Michael Jackson and smearing shoe polish on his face. He says he knows how to Moon Walk.

But the interview with Howley is a no-go. CNN won’t allow it.

Here’s why: Howley will do it live or he won’t do it at all.

“I will meet Stelter live, not in a situation where can misleadingly clip my comments,” Howley told The Mirror. “His refusal to face me is nothing less than cowardice.”

CNN initially offered a live Sunday interview on “Reliable Sources.” Then they changed their minds. This completely irritated Howley. So he wrote a scathing piece on Stelter’s cowardice. The headline: “COWARD: CNN’s Brian Stelter Backs Out Of Live Interview With BLP Editor Patrick Howley On Northam Scandal.” Howley also included a word-for-word email exchange he had with Shanta Covington, a producer for CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

From the exchange, you can plainly see that CNN initially offered Howley a live Sunday interview. But soon, Covington abruptly changed course and took all the heat for the confusion, saying it was “my bad.” Her new understanding was that the segment with Howley would be a pre-taped “bytes” interview that would appear during Thursday primetime. Stelter just happens to be in town today. CNN promised to make Howley’s life easy by sending him a car service to and from the studio.

Could they throw in cigarettes and a free roasted chicken dinner?

That CNN wouldn’t jump at the chance of having Howley appear on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on Sunday’s live program is CNN’s loss. If it’s horrible and crazy, it’s a win. If it’s normal and subdued, it’s a win. If Howley erupts into a maniacal laughter and performs his famous pen flip, it’s a win. In other words: WIN! WIN! WIN!

Back in 2016, Breitbart News suspended Howley for being critical of Michelle Field‘s assault allegations against then-Donald Trump campaign aide Corey Lewandowski. Howley returned to his job once Breitbart News turned on Fields. (RELATED: Howley Returns to Breitbart, Says ‘I’m Back And Better Than Ever’) 

Full disclosure: Howley once sat diagonally from me at The Daily Caller. 

I am hearing echoes of ex-FNCer Bill O’Reilly: “We’ll do it live! We’ll do it live — FUCK IT! Do it live. Don’t write it and we’ll do it live. Fuckin’ thing sucks!” If you haven’t watch this, you must.