NYT Bestselling Author Eric Metaxas Discusses What America’s Founders Understood About Faith And Freedom

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Christian author Eric Metaxas joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday to discuss the significance of faith and prayer in American life.

The “Donald Drains the Swamp” author had attended the National Prayer Breakfast that morning, and began his answer to Tucker’s question about the “significance of prayer” by wondering “how anybody can survive” without it. (EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Brunson’s American Pastor Describes Harrowing Turkish Courtroom Experience)


“Life is hard,” said Metaxas. “You know that, I know that. I think the issue, though, is that in the United States of America, all of the founders—without any exception—understood that without a virtuous and moral populace, which to them basically meant a religious populace, the kind of freedom that we know cannot exist. And so, for us as a nation, once a year to have an event like this is the least we could do.”

Metaxas described prayer as a “great humbler” because it’s impossible to “be puffed up” in the presence of one’s Creator.

The author praised the president for leading on the issue of abortion. “And I think that Trump saying that, it’s shocking and wonderful that this president is being bolder than any president I’ve ever seen in talking about this issue, which most Americans are very, very sick over the late-term abortion edict from Cuomo and Northam and others. It’s very disturbing.” (OPINION: ‘Gosnell’ Is A Sobering Depiction Of Evil Hidden In Plain Sight)

“There are many people—usually very competent, intelligent people—who are tempted to think they’re in charge,” he said. “You’re not in charge. You can be hit by a bus or a meteor. Things happen. If you have children, you get humbled by that. If you try to have a good marriage, it’s humbling. We need to live there. We need to understand that without God and His guidance, we can’t love people the way we’re supposed to love people. We cannot be the people we’re supposed to be. And I think that’s very hard for the most powerful among us.”

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