OPINION: Microsoft Funds Pro-Abortion Lawmakers — But Forgot To Mention It In Super Bowl Ad

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Ashley Hayek Contributor
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One of the most touching ads of the Super Bowl was done by Microsoft, debuting the adaptive controller for disabled children. The advertisement featured children who are unable to use game controllers, but Microsoft developed a solution. The adaptable controllers helps kids with disabilities play video games with their friends when otherwise they may not have been able.

The star of the commercial is an adorable, spunky boy named Owen who has Escobar Syndrome, a genetic disease. According to his mom, Owen has undergone 33 surgeries as a result of his disease. During the commercial, Owen’s dad says “One of the biggest fears early on is how will Owen be viewed by the other kids. He’s not different when he plays.” The advertisement was called “When everybody plays we all win” and drew praise from various media outlets.

Microsoft, however, tends to play favorably in pro-choice, liberal Democrat elections. Over 74 percent of Microsoft’s contributions went to Democratic candidates in 2018. In fact, Microsoft contributed over $3.6 million to Democrats in Congress, and only a little over $900,000 in Republican races. The Democrats they support are adamantly pro-choice and backed by organizations such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL.

Why is this relevant? The Democrat’s platform makes it very clear for a woman to have the right to terminate her pregnancy at any time. Most recently, Planned Parenthood backed elected officials have advocated for late term abortions and rolling back restrictions based on the mother’s emotional health or the unborn child’s deformities. Through its clever ad campaign, Microsoft played on the heartstrings of Americans but in reality, plays backroom politics with pro- choice Democrats.

The number one recipient of Microsoft’s generous contributions in 2018 was Dr. Kim Schrier. The company spent $137,597 to get this pro-choice candidate elected to congress. On her website she states, “I will oppose any effort that limits a women’s right to choose abortion or make any reproductive health decision.” Wouldn’t the elimination of babies based on genetic diseases undermine the marketing message of “when everybody plays we all win”?

Another recipient of Microsoft’s generous contributions was Sen. Pat Murray. This past week, Sen. Pat Murray who just this week derailed Senate Bill 130, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The intent of the bill is to “exercise the proper degree of care in the case of a child who survives an abortion or attempted abortion.” Again, justification of abortion has been made based on the mental or physical health of the mother, or if the unborn child has genetic or medical conditions.

Further, when President Trump called on Congress to defend life and pass legislation to end late-term abortion, the Democrat delegation did not applaud, including their leader Speaker Pelosi. These are the lawmakers Microsoft supported two to one over Republican, pro-life congressional members and senators.

There is a blatant hypocrisy of advocating on behalf of children with genetic diseases or disabilities, while funding the politicians who support their termination by abortion.

Ashley Hayek (@AshleyHayek) is executive director of California Women’s Leadership Association and a fundraiser who has raised millions of dollars for GOP candidates in California.

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