LaVar Ball Guarantees LeBron James Won’t Win A Title In Los Angles If Lonzo Gets Traded

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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LaVar Ball thinks the Lakers and LeBron James won’t do anything without his son Lonzo.

The oldest Ball son has been in the news a lot lately as the Lakers mulled trade options, but as of this moment, he won’t be going anywhere. From LaVar’s point of view, that means the Lakers and LeBron still might win a title.

“I told the Lakers a long time ago. If you trade my son, it’ll be the worst thing you ever did. They trade my son they’ll never get a championship … LeBron James without Lonzo is not going to win a championship in L.A. I guarantee that,” the head of the Ball family said during a Thursday appearance on FS1’s “UNDISPUTED.”

So, you know how I just said above that it looked like Lonzo wouldn’t be going anywhere? Well, that might change if LaVar keeps shooting his mouth off. (RELATED: LaVar Ball Says He Doesn’t Want Lonzo In New Orleans, Wants To See Him In Phoenix)

It can’t get much worse, right? Oh, wait. Look at what I found. LaVar also thinks his kid is better than LeBron James.

It’s almost like he’s doing everything to get his kid off the Lakers, which is just beyond stupid. Playing for Magic Johnson and playing with LeBron James is about the best situation possible for a young star.

Lonzo’s dad better learn to zip his lips, or he’s going to be on a different team in a couple hours. Don’t think LeBron won’t do it!

We all know who is really running the show in Los Angeles, and it’s not LaVar Ball!