Watch Interviews With The Cast Of ‘Yellowstone’ Ahead Of Season Two

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The Paramount Network has been releasing a ton of awesome interviews with the cast of “Yellowstone.”

As everybody knows, I’m obsessed with the Kevin Costner hit show, and the entire Dutton family. I think it’s the coolest Western that I’ve ever seen, and arguably a top five show that’s ever been made.

That might sound crazy, but I promise you it’s not. Everything about “Yellowstone” is awesome.

That’s why these cast interviews are so great. They give us a great look back at the first season, and should have us all hyped for season two. Watch them all below. (RELATED: The ‘Yellowstone‘ Season One Finale Was Electric [SPOILERS])

They should have fans going wild.

I can’t wait for season two. I simply can’t wait another second. The real shame is that we don’t know when it’s getting here yet.

It’s believed to be showing up at some point in 2019. I want it right now. Even if you told me it’d be getting here in a week, I wouldn’t be happy.

Season two is going to be epic.


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Make sure to keep checking back for more updates when we have them. You know that I’ll be watching like a hawk.

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