Chris Christie: ‘There Would Be No Bob Mueller If Chris Christie Was AG’

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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Saturday said “there would be no Bob Mueller” had he been selected for the post of attorney general instead of then-Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

During a Saturday night interview on “Watters World,” Christie responded to Fox News host Jesse Watters’ question about the former presidential candidate’s lack of a White House role with a rundown of the positions he was in the running for, why he didn’t get them, and a taste of how things could have gone if he had.


“I was in the running for vice president and it came down to me and Mike Pence and he selected Governor Pence,” Christie, the author of “Let Me Finish,” told Watters. “I love Governor Pence and I think he was a good choice. I was then in the running for attorney general and he picked Jeff Sessions …”

“Oh, imagine if Chris Christie had been A.G.,” exclaimed Watters. (RELATED: Chris Christie In Tell-All Book: ‘Right There, I Understood Why So Many People In Politics Despised John Kasich)

“There would be no Bob Mueller if Chris Christie was AG. That you can be sure of,” Christie said before explaining why he was eventually fired as head of the transition team. “Two days after the election … Steve Bannon called me in and fired me as head of the transition. I knew it wasn’t his doing. I said ‘who’s decision is this?”

After explaining that it was actually Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner who had him fired, Christie called Kushner’s “ancient bitterness” towards him as having gone back to 2004 “when I prosecuted Jared’s father.”

“What else was I supposed to do as a prosecutor? Turn my head and walk away?” he asked.

“A lot of people got picked for jobs — like Mike Flynn and Tom Price and others — that had no business being there and served the president poorly,” Christie concluded.

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