Inmate Falls Through Jail Ceiling Trying To Escape

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An Indiana jail inmate’s escape attempt came to an abrupt end when he fell through the jail’s ceiling, right into the booking area and several waiting officers.

Blaze Ayers, 28, who had been at the jail since December on a failure to appear warrant, was being led along with a group of other inmates from the unit’s indoor recreation area back to his cell when he ran to the facility’s medical room and locked himself inside.

Jackson County Sheriff Rick Meyer described the incident via Facebook:

“Jail Officers attempted to get Ayers to come down but he refused to comply,” wrote Meyer. “Ayers continued to crawl through the ceiling in an attempt to escape, causing damage to the ceiling in multiple areas of the booking area. Ayers eventually fell through the ceiling and to the floor of the booking area.”

Officers were forced to use tasers to subdue him when the inmate still refused to comply even after falling through the ceiling. (RELATED: Escaped Jail Inmate Breaks Into A Woman’s House. Immediately Gets His Brains Blown Out)

Additional charges will include attempted escape, a felony, and criminal mischief, a misdemeanor.

Watch it all unfold, via ABC6:

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