A Weekend Of Liberal Lies And General Insanity

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Derek Hunter Contributor
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On the show Monday, we get into the last 72 hours of absolute liberal insanity and lies. Whether it was Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez insisting a document from her official House website did not say what it clearly said, or it was the governor of Virginia referring to slaves as “indentured servants,” it was not the best weekend for the left.

Listen to the show:

An advisor to Ocasio-Cortez insisted to Tucker Carlson of Fox News (also the founder of The Daily Caller) that her office never listed “economic security” for people “unwilling to work” as part of her liberal fever-dream proposal called the “Green New Deal.” Cornell Law Professor Robert Hockett blamed Republicans for spreading false information on two separate occasions on the show Friday night. Only the document stating just that was on the congresswoman’s official House website, and even many liberal news outlets had reported on it.

Eventually, the Ocasi0-Cortez team was forced to admit the truth, after every other option had been exhausted. They claimed it was an easier version, denying it was changed after being ridiculed for its sheer insanity. Given their record of an allergy to the truth, it seems unlikely to be the full story. We explain.

Sen. Cory Booker was trying to score some points in the battle to be the “woke-ist” person running for his party’s nomination for president when he tried to make a judicial nominee look like a homophobe. Her answer to an absurd question at her confirmation hearing showed how ill prepared Booker was, and just how obsessed with sexual orientation Democrats are. You have to hear the exchange to believe it.

In addition to that and a bunch of other insanity from the left, the soap opera that is the Virginia Democratic Party continues. Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax had a second woman accuse him of rape and he still managed to not have the worst weekend of the state’s Democrats.

Governor Ralph Northam, in the middle of a racist scandal over his wearing of blackface, referred to slaves as “indentured servants” and said the history of slavery in the state either was “good or bad.” It was bad, Governor, slavery was always bad. There isn’t any debate over that, outside of the halls of Democratic power in Virginia, apparently.

All that and more.

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