Arian Foster Calls Out Baker Mayfield For Dancing Video

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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It turns out that I’m not the only one not overly impressed with Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield wasting his time by dancing.

A couple days back, the organization posted a video of Mayfield on social media in his uniform dancing with the caption, “Your QB could never.”


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I shredded Mayfield for wasting one second of his time dancing instead of using it to get extra reps. Last time I checked Tom Brady doesn’t participate in dumb stunts, and he has six Super Bowl rings. That’s probably not an accident. (RELATED: Baker Mayfield Wastes His Time Dancing Instead Of Practicing Football)

It turns out that I wasn’t the only one who felt that way because Foster quote tweeted back on Saturday with the response, “*would never.”

Mayfield shot back with, “Respected you before this… I get it dog, you’re too cool to show any personality. Everybody’s different, though. No need to speak on it.”

Why Baker? Why? Why can’t this kid just learn to shut his mouth and play football. He’s so talented, and yet, he just can’t get focused.

Imagine getting so triggered online that you have to tweet that you lost respect for a former NFL star because he doesn’t like a dancing video. That’s a level of thin skin that is mind-boggling. (RELATED: Baker Mayfield Takes Shot At Hue Jackson During Fox Segment With Cooper Manning)


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As I’ve said many times, I think Mayfield has all the talent necessary to have a great career in the NFL, but he just can’t seem to stay focused on what matters.

Instead of practicing with the same passion and intensity of a guy like Brady, he’s out here beefing with his critics. It’s beyond childish and stupid.

Be better, Baker. Be much better.

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