Aukey’s New Earbuds Are The Future Of Bluetooth Earbuds [UPDATED}

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Since The Daily Caller started the Daily Dealer section three years ago, we have consistently recommended tech products from Aukey. In addition to charging products, Aukey makes high quality bluetooth headphones, typically at a price point that makes them much more affordable than Bose.

We are very excited to share the news of Aukey’s new Key Series. While you can expect good quality from all of Aukey’s offerings, the Key Series takes it to a whole new level, measure for measure with the market leaders in the category. Specifically, the new Key Series B80 earbuds offer everything you would hope for and expect in high-end bluetooth earbuds. It provides Bluetooth 5 and a hybrid driver system that generates richer and purer sound for the true audiophile to enjoy.  Furthermore, these earbuds are IPX6 water resistant, feature eight hours of playtime and, of course, include an in-line microphone.

We were very happy with the straight up precision that comes from Key Series B80 sound. Also, unlike Apple’s products, these are very comfortable in the ear and never fell out while we ran or worked out. If you have weird ears like I do, you will be happy to know that they come with several foam ear tip options to optimize a secure fit.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

Wireless Headphones, AUKEY Key Series B80 Earbuds with Bluetooth 5, Hybrid Driver, aptX Low Latency, High Fidelity Sound, IPX6 Water-Resistance, 8H Playtime and in-line Mic — $79.99

Lastly, we’d be remiss to mention what perhaps is the most appealing part of the B80 earbuds — or at least one of them: They are pristinely packaged. As soon as they arrive in the mail, the appealing grey box will make you want to use them immediately. Opening the box neatly reveals all the contents (including the USB-C charger, placing them squarely in the future of tech).

Don’t believe us that the packaging makes these Key Series earbuds desirable? What our unboxing video below!



We are also testing another one of Aukey’s new Key Series earbuds, the EP B60. These come in at a slightly lower price point than the EP B80. Like the EP B60, these earbuds are IPX6 water resistant, so they are perfect for running in the rain or snow. Crucially, they are also USB-C compatible.

The coolest part about the EP B60 is the magnetic on/off functionality. After each use (or during a stop in your run), just hold the magnets together to shut them off. Want to use them again? Just pull them apart. Watch how this works in our unboxing video below.



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