Houston Couple Enter Abandoned House To Get High, Nearly Become Tiger Prey

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A stoner couple entered an abandoned house in Houston to get high, but nearly became prey when they stumbled across a live tiger.

The couple discovered a tiger that had been left in a shoddily secured cage inside of a disused house in Southeast Houston and reported it to the police. Luckily for both the couple and authorities, the tiger was well-fed.

BARC Animal Shelter and Houston Police Department’s Major Offender Animal Cruelty Unit tranquilized and rescued the tiger after obtaining a warrant from Houston police, and nicknamed the animal “Tyson” in reference to the movie “The Hangover.” (RELATED: We Now Know How The Colorado Jogger Strangled A Mountain Lion With His Bare Hands)

While the unexpected human-tiger encounter ended happily, authorities said it could have been much bloodier given the crude nature of the tiger’s enclosure.

“He’s in a rinky-dink cage that could easily bust open,” an officer said, according to KHOU 11. “It was secured with a nylon strap and a screwdriver for the top of the cage. He could have gone on a rampage in the city… anything could have happened!”

Animal care experts will transfer Tyson to an unnamed sanctuary Tuesday. Authorities also launched an investigation into who owns the tiger. While Texas law permits those with wild game permits to own exotic animals like tigers, it is illegal to keep a tiger in a residential area of the city of Houston.

Neighbors were none too pleased to discover the danger that had lurked near them for an unknown amount of time.

“It’s big and it’s scary,” neighborhood resident Pablo Briagas told KHOU 11. “A lot of kids around the street too. My kids … the neighbor has kids, so, it’s scary.”

The tiger, at least, is in good health and good spirits since its rescue, according to Lara Cottingham, chief of staff for Houston’s Administration and Regulatory Affairs Department.

“She seems to be in good spirits, was really thirsty when they found her, she’s not causing a ruckus, but we eagerly anticipating the vets to get here so they can give her the proper medical care, food she probably wants,” Cottingham said on Tuesday.

Authorities could sentence the owner of the tiger with an expensive fine if they identify them.

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