REPORT: Kyler Murray Won’t Threaten To Play Baseball If An NFL Team He Doesn’t Like Drafts Him

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Kyler Murray is sticking with football, and it doesn’t matter which team drafts him.

Ian Rapoport floated the idea Tuesday that Murray could essentially dictate his draft position by threatening to play baseball if he doesn’t like who picks him. (RELATED: Kyler Murray Will Have To Pay The Oakland A’s $1.29 Million After Choosing Football)

According to Mike Florio, Murray has already said that won’t be an option on the table.

To be honest with all of you, I have no idea why the Oklahoma Sooners Heisman winner wouldn’t try to do this. If he told teams that he’d refuse to play for them, then they’d absolutely take him off their boards.

No team is wasting a first round pick on a guy who might turn around and play for the Oakland A’s instead. It’s just not going to happen. No chance at all.


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If I was in Murray’s shoes, I might not be super overt about the whole thing, but I’d absolutely try to manipulate the situation so that I’d end up in the best spot possible.

You’d almost have to be dumb not to try to do that. Even players without the option of baseball should still do whatever they can to get themselves in the best position possible. That’s just common sense.

It is going to be a ton of fun watching this saga unfold. It’s going to get a lot crazier before it calms down. I can promise you all that much.