Panthers Player Alex Armah Stops Alleged Attempted Carjacking

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Carolina Panthers player Alex Armah recently had to stop somebody from allegedly jacking his car.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the talented Panthers fullback was alerted by an OWL dashboard camera that Daniel Cagle was allegedly trying to steal his vehicle in early February in Charlotte. He ultimately had to use physical force to stop Cagle because he tried to flee the scene.

Armah told ESPN the following in an article published Tuesday night when discussing the incident:

I wasn’t trying to get physical with him, but he kept trying to run. I had to put him in an arm bar so he’d stop moving until the cops got there … I’m the youngest of four; I’ve got two older brothers. We always messed around, wrestled and everything. I watched some wrestling here and there on TV, some MMA, all that good stuff. It was nothing new to me.

This is awesome. Imagine trying to jack somebody’s car, finding out it’s owned by an NFL player and then having him take you down to the ground in an arm bar. (RELATED: Carolina Panthers Star Greg Olsen Doesn’t Plan On Retiring)

That is absolutely epic. I wish we had a video of it. In my mind, I’m envisioning something like Conor McGregor just obliterating somebody in the octagon.

You know your luck absolutely sucks if you’re trying to steal a car and it turns out to be owned by an NFL fullback. We’re not talking about the punter for the Panthers.

We’re talking about the fullback, which is one step below offensive lineman.


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I don’t know where Armah is on the depth chart for the Panthers, but it sounds like he needs to give the UFC a serious look if the NFL doesn’t last much longer.

Anybody will to put a dude in an arm bar for trying to steal his ride is somebody I want in the octagon.

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