WATCH: Inmate Takes On 12 Before Being Subdued In Wild Prison Brawl

YouTube/Dave Slade

Jacob Orgel Contributor
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Surveillance camera footage from Richland County Jail in Ohio shows a violent inmate battle her way through officers and fellow detainees before finally being taken down.

The confrontation occurred on Jan. 8, originally between 32-year-old inmate Tracey Brooks and corrections officer Alexandria Strong. A whopping twelve individuals intervened in the exchange before she was corralled.

Strong was assisting a nurse distribute medicine when Brooks came over to inquire as to when she would be released from jail, according to investigators. The officer informed her that she is not involved with inmate releases, which prompted Brooks to begin insulting her, according to Fox 8 Cleveland.

Strong then requested she turn around to be handcuffed, and Brooks became violent. The inmate fought off a team of jail staff and other inmates attempting to hold her down, punched Strong in the face and then began suffocating her. (RELATED: Inmate Falls Through Jail Ceiling Trying To Escape)

Brooks appeared to have the upper hand in the scuffle before a team of corrections officers arrived as reinforcements. Pepper spray was ultimately required to subdue the aggressive inmate.

Brooks broke her hand and gave Strong a concussion in the exchange.

Initially jailed for refusing to appear in court on two occasions, Brooks will now be tried for felonious assault and has been moved to a different facility until the court proceedings.

We are not sure what her end-goal was in assaulting the officer, but we cannot believe the amount of manpower required to bring her to the ground.