Cardinals Coach Kliff Kingsbury Says Josh Rosen Is The Team’s ‘Guy’ Going Forward

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Arizona Cardinals are doing their best to kill speculation they’re going to abandon young quarterback Josh Rosen.

People have been debating pretty much nonstop what the Cardinals should do with the first overall pick in the draft. Despite taking Rosen in the first round last season, there are plenty of people who think Kliff Kingsbury and Arizona should take a hard look at Kyler Murray or Dwayne Haskins. Well, judging from some recent comments from the head coach, that’s simply not going to happen.

“Our feelings toward Josh haven’t waned or changed or anything. I get we have the first pick (in the upcoming NFL draft) and so there’s going to be a million scenarios over the next three months that are going to come up, but no, Josh is our guy,” Kingsbury told the media late Tuesday, according to ESPN(RELATED: Arizona Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsbury As Head Coach)

The team also felt the need to promote Kingsbury’s comments on social media.


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Y’all are having fun with speculation, but…

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Yeah, you can go ahead and put me on the list of people that aren’t buying this hook, line and sinker. Look, Rosen is solid, he’s accurate, he can make the necessary throws, but are we really sure he’s better than Dwayne Haskins or Kyler Murray? I’m not ready to make the claim.

I understand what Kingsbury is doing here. Obviously, he has to have his quarterback’s back in public. If the team publicly discussed taking a quarterback first overall, it’d pretty much show they have no confidence in the former UCLA gunslinger.

Still, I’m not convinced that those conversations aren’t taking place behind closed doors. At the very least, they certainly should be.

You have to consider all options when you have the first overall pick. Arizona would be stupid to not at least consider trading away Rosen for some picks, and then drafting Murray or Haskins first overall. You simply have to have that discussion. You don’t have to actually do it, but it’d be foolish not to consider it as a very real option.

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