Wheels Come Off The Collusion Story, Democrats Hardest Hit


Derek Hunter Contributor
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We pack a lot into the show Tuesday — the Trump/Russia collusion story was dealt a major blow Tuesday by none other than NBC News, and it had to kill them to do it. Also, the president weighed in on the Congressional deal over the wall; Sen. Cory Booker wants you to give up meat; Sen. Kamala Harris smoked so much weed in college she heard music from the future; we have another example of how liberals all around the world are insane; New York is upset so many people are fleeing their high taxes; and a Valentine’s Day preview with the world’s most embarrassing mom and a not-so-romantic dinner idea.

Listen to the show:

NBC News reported that the Senate Intelligence Committee found zero evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. None. It had to break their heart to report it, and they did their best to spin it as best they could. But the report came from both Republicans and Democrats on the committee. Undeterred, MSNBC set about ignoring their own reporting and returned to conspiracy TV.

The president doesn’t like the deal cut to keep the government open and only provide $1.3 billion to a border barrier, which is less than Republicans would have gotten had they never tried to get more. That said, President Donald Trump may still sign the deal anyway. How did Republicans screw this up so badly? We explain.

The 2020 Democratic field keeps getting crazier. Cory Booker doesn’t eat eggs because it “didn’t align with my spirit.” He also wants people to go vegetarian for the planet, to “save” it from climate change. Vegetarian diets make people gassy, so all the cow farts they’ll save will be replaced by people farts. Don’t ride in an elevator with Cory Booker.

Kamala Harris said she smoked a lot of pot in college and listened to Tupac and Snoop Dogg music. The only problem is she graduated from college years before either of them ever recorded any music. How high did Harris get in college?

Liberals are insane everywhere and we have an example from the U.K. with the naked anti-Brexit professor. Yes, it’s all too real. Also, since tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, we let you know that no matter how embarrassing your mom is about your being single, she’s not as embarrassing as the mother who walked around her son’s college campus with his picture approaching women to try to find him a date. Yes, seriously. And the Waffle House is offering reserved seating and a romantic ambiance for Valentine’s Day. But at the end of the day, you’re still taking your date to a place you should only eat at while drunk in the middle of the night.

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