Sen. Scott Slams Rep. Omar’s Treatment Of Elliott Abrams

Mike Brest Reporter
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Republican South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott criticized Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for her behavior during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing, in a Wednesday night interview with Martha MacCallum.

Earlier on Wednesday, Omar questioned why members on the Foreign Affairs Committee should believe U.S. diplomat Elliott Abrams and refused to let him respond to the criticism. (RELATED: Abrams Clearly Answers ‘No’ – Rep. Omar Says ‘I’ll Take That As A Yes’ Anyway)


“What did you make of her exchange with Elliott Abrams, the envoy to Venezuela?” MacCallum asked.

“Unbelievable,” Scott responded. “Aggressive, abrasive and not based on any actual information. She did ask a question and did not give him an opportunity to answer. If that’s the type of service that we can look forward to coming out of the House, things are in jeopardy.”

He continued, “It’s really challenging times and one of the reasons why I support and have been the lead sponsor of anti-Semitism legislation is because we are seeing these eruptions. And what we saw today and what we heard yesterday are just more fact-patterns that many times the Left is heading in a very wrong direction. Remarkable.”

“Explain to me when you look at her comments. What is it that concerns you the most? You know, some people are making comparisons to some comments that Republicans have said that they also see veiled anti-Semitism in. How do you see it? Do you see it differently than that and why?” MacCallum followed up.

“Well, very differently, number one. I have had a number of conversations over the last six years with my colleagues in the Senate, when I was in the House, as well. I am the lead sponsor with a lot of co-sponsors in the Senate on my anti-Semitism legislation awareness act,” the senator added. “The fact is that on the right we see a lot of folks gaining momentum in support of and in defense of Israel. They are not only one of our best partners in the Middle East.” (RELATED: Omar Releases Statement After Backlash Surrounding Tweet Accusing AIPAC Of Buying Israel Support)

MacCallum’s question was in reference to accusations of anti-Semitism Omar has faced this week, when she said the pro-Israel lobby buys support for Israel from members of Congress.

Her statement was widely condemned and she has since apologized.

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