Cost Of The Oscars Will Be More Than $40 Million, Commercials Cost $2.6 Million

Oscars (Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/ Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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There will be a ton of money surrounding the 2019 Academy Awards.

According to WalletHub, the total cost of the ceremony on Feb. 24 will be $44 million. The big dollar signs don’t stop there. A 30-second commercial during the show on ABC runs for $2.6 million.

My friends, that sure is a lot of cash for one night of festivities.

For those of you wondering, the cost of an ad is right around half of what companies were paying during the Super Bowl. Despite that fact, it’s still a ton of cash for a 30-second spot. (RELATED: A 30 Second Super Bowl Ad Costs $5.24 Million)

They must be expecting some huge viewership numbers if they’re demanding that kind of money for ads. WalletHub also reported that ABC will rake in nearly $130 million in ad revenue during the show.

The show also notably won’t have a host this year after Kevin Hart dropped out. He backed out over an absurdly unnecessary uproar over old tweets.

It’s a shame he’s not doing it because I think he would have been great. Even without a host, it seems like the show is still primed to have a ton of success, at least financially.

Finally, it’s going to be a real shame if Christian Bale doesn’t win Best Actor for “Vice.” He was outstanding in that movie.

Make sure to tune in Feb. 24 on ABC to catch all the action.

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