Protect Your Identity At A Discount With This High-Tech Backpack

Felipe Sanz Contributor
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Do you take your privacy seriously? Because you should. Here to help in that effort is a company affectionately known as The Game Theory ,which has developed the perfectly secure travel backpack. This backpack is TSA approved, which means you never will have to take your electronics out when going through security. It also features an RFID protection pocket. When you put your wallet in this pocket, you are protected from thieves stealing all of your information via RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification).

Normally $70, this stylish and high-tech backpack is now on sale for 30 percent off (Photo via Amazon) 

Normally $70, this stylish and high-tech backpack is now on sale for 30 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Travel Laptop Backpack, Black Anti-Theft Bag with USB Port is now on sale for $49.99 

Your phone will also never die so long as you use this backpack. It features an external USB connector, allowing you to charge any USB device. There are also various hidden pockets where you can safely store valuables. All of the pockets are padded and protected as well, ensuring that your technology will never be damaged during travel.

Equipped with the latest privacy-minded tech (Photo via Amazon) 

Equipped with the latest privacy-minded tech (Photo via Amazon)

Ranging from students to CEO’s, this backpack’s polished and simple design makes it perfect for anyone. So why wait? Normally $70, this backpack is currently 30 percent off for a limited time, making it a steal for anyone looking to keep their identities and technology safe, while remaining stylish and trendy! 

Travel Laptop Backpack with USB charging port is now on sale for $20 off for a limited time. 

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