REPORT: Colin Kaepernick Wanted $20 Million To Play In The Alliance Of American Football

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Colin Kaepernick apparently wanted an absurd amount of money to play in the Alliance of American Football.

According to the Associated Press, people close to the situation claimed the former 49ers quarterback and national anthem protester wanted $20 million to suit up in the AAF. (RELATED: Should Colin Kaepernick Play In The Alliance Of American Football?)


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Kaepernick is out of his damn mind if he honestly thought the AAF was going to pay him $20 million to play. They’re paying players in the league $225,000 over three years. In what fantasyland did Kaepernick honestly believe they had the money to cut him a check for $20 million?

Give me a break. That’s pure delusion on his part if he thought there was any chance that was going to happen. He’s not even worth a fraction of that money in the NFL. Why would the AAF pay him like a premier NFL QB when he’s clearly not one?

Now, it’d make a little more sense if he asked for $1 million or something like that. At the very least, that’d be reasonable, but no new league is putting $20 million on a table.

Would it be smart for the AAF to go get guys like Manziel, Tebow and Kaepernick from a TV ratings stance? Sure, but not at the cost of $20 million. I’d be willing to pay them each $1 million, and that’d be pushing it.

It’s a huge financial risk to start having massive payrolls in a league that doesn’t have a concrete future yet. Once again, it looks like Kaepernick won’t be back in football anytime soon if this is the kind of cash he’s asking for.

Delusion, my friends. Absolute delusion.