People React To Detroit Lions Quarterback Draft News By Trashing Matthew Stafford

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Some people don’t really seem to understand the importance that Matthew Stafford has for the Detroit Lions.

The other day, I was seething when I heard the Lions might draft a quarterback in the first round. I was legitimately shaking with anger. How could they do that to Stafford? I wrote a piece shredding the Lions general manager, and was shocked to see the response. There were multiple people that seemed to think the Detroit gunslinger wasn’t great.


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Below are the best reactions:

  • There current quarterback has not done the job. They have had several quarterbacks that they let sit on the bench, while this jackass wasted 10 years of under performing play. Time for him to go to the bench!!…and rot!!!!!
  • After all those championships how could they ever let him go?
  • Dave, Dave, Dave… As Sonny said to Michael, you’re taking this much too personally. This is business, and you’re taking this very personally.
  • They mystery of why the Lions have sucked for years has been solved!
  • Stafford blows.
  • Let Hookstead run the Lions…. Just like Matt Millen, only without the brains or experience.
  • Detroits been rebuilding since 57. Whats been the constant?
  • As long as the Ford Family owns this team NOTHING MATTERS, the result will always be the same, Failure! how can you be so bad for 60 years???
  • I’ve told you this before David…as long as the Fords own the Lions…the Lions will be the doormat of the central division…rebuilding since 1957….
  • What? Stafford sucks, the Lions need to look for a winning Franchise QB because they sure don’t have one now.

Let me be crystal clear here. You are wrong if you think Stafford is the problem. You’re just wrong. The Lions would be absolutely awful if he wasn’t the man running the show, and that’s a fact. Look at the people he’s surrounded by. (RELATED: Detroit Lions Are Open To Drafting A Quarterback In The First Round)

Does anybody honestly believe for a second that the Lions would somehow magically get better if our best player just stepped off the field and was replaced by a rookie quarterback? The answer is “hell no.”


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Stafford is not just one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, but he’s in the elite category. There are very few guys out there capable of doing what he can.

Let’s remember the Lions running game has been pathetic during his entire tenure, and he still manages to put up stats. Imagine what could happen if he actually got a running back.

The offense would be borderline pornographic.

I hate to sound harsh, but you just don’t know football if you think Stafford is the problem in Detroit. It’s really that simple.

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