Giannis Antetokounmpo Throws Down Massive Alley-Oop During All-Star Game

David Hookstead | Reporter

Giannis Antetokounmpo threw down an awesome dunk Sunday night during the NBA All-Star Game.

The Milwaukee Bucks star forward raced down the court with Steph Curry, who somehow managed to throw him an alley-oop by bouncing the ball up off the floor.

The Greek Freak soared way above the rim for the gigantic dunk. Watch the crazy play below.

How did he do that? How was it humanly possible for Antetokounmpo to get that high? It’s not like he even did it running full speed. (RELATED: Milwaukee Bucks Star Bullies Blake Griffin With Humiliating Dunk)

He pretty much had come to a stop and then just jumped. The man’s head was damn near in the clouds by the time he got the ball.


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I would literally give just about anything to have even an ounce of that kind of athleticism. I mean, wow!

How many people on the planet do we think are capable of pulling that off? Five? Ten? I highly doubt the number hits double digits.


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Giannis is a freak of nature in the best way possible. The things he does on the basketball court just defy all logic.

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