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Morning Mirror: Megyn Kelly Smacks Media On Jussie Smollett Story

By The Daily Caller.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“The hell with this. Twitter is a cess pool. I’m out.” 

Walter Shaub, former director, Office of Government and Ethics, at 10 p.m Sunday night.

Deep Thoughts With ABC’s Matthew Dowd

“Twitter is like fire or water. It can be used for warmth or light or quenching thirst. Or it can be used to burn or drown. Just depends on how we use it. Use it and push back with compassion.” — Matthew Dowd, chief political analyst, ABC News.


“So now that Anthony Weiner is in a residential re-entry program, I get to ask the question I’ve been thinking about…how does someone like him go about their day? He’s so infamous and everyone recognizes him…I’d change my name and move out of the country.” — Yashar Ali, HuffPost, New York Mag. (RELATED: Weiner Out And Headed For Halfway House) 

“Let the ‘Weiner out’ jokes commence.” — Ben Howe, freelance, The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, co-host, The Fifth Estate podcast.

“‘Hide your kids, hide your wife’: Anthony Weiner out of prison early on good behavior.” — Twitchy Team.

“BREAKING: Anthony Weiner is out of prison. I’d like to invite both Weiner and his estranged wife @HumaAbedin to come on @FaultLinesRadio. We can discuss the al-Amoudi, the Muslim World League, the support Weiner had from Brett Kimberlin’s team, and @AndrewBreitbart” — Lee Stranahan, co-host Fault Lines, Sputnik.

CNN’s S.E. Cupp fights with teen pro-Trump activist CJ Pearson 

Topic: The Jussie Smollett story — Over the weekend, Chicago Police said they have evidence that the accused perpetrators are now claiming that Smollett orchestrated his own attack. Smollett denies this claim.

S.E. Cupp: “The giddiness among Trumpsters over the Smollett news is gross. This story is awful. He allegedly abused police resources, exploited raw divisions in this country, and made it harder for every victim of a hate crime to report. This is sad no matter your politics.”

CJ Pearson: “S.E. is one of the most unbearable people in news. Stop blaming Trump supporters for the malfeasance of you and your colleagues. Admit you were wrong and move on.”

S.E. Cupp: “I didn’t blame Trump supporters for anything. And that you find me “unbearable” is boring. Just boring. Zzzzz”

CJ Pearson: “Your words: “The giddiness among Trump supporters over Smollett news is gross” Also, I’m not the only person who finds you boring. Check your ratings when you get a chance..”

S.E. Cupp: “Maybe you should check our ratings. My show beats Fox and MSNBC every night. Sometimes by double. Thanks for the shoutout.”

Fox News media reporter Brian Flood also weighed in here. He wrote, “S.E. Cupp, your network’s coverage of tonight’s news was pathetic. You guys went all in, missing-plane style, and barely mentioned that he had blamed Trump supporters. CNN has no right to criticize anyone over this story. I say this as a fan of SE.”

The Observer

“This country has a serious sheep problem. Like, the mainstream media and corporations and [DNC] and [H]ollywood bullshitters are the shepherds, and everybody else is sheep. And the few non-sheep are either called mentally ill or right-wing fringies.” — Pardes Seleh, former scriptwriter, Fox News’s Laura Ingraham show.

Gossip Roundup

Darla Shine, wife of White House’s Bill Shine, is happy about … her uptick in Twitter followers: “Good Morning to all my new friends on twitter. Wow, my followers have more than tripled since Wednesday. Happy #PresidentsDay #GodBlessAmerica.”

Sydney Elaine Leathers… now writes a column for Penthouse. She’s the former sexting partner to now free ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), who has just been released to a halfway house. (More on her debut column later.)

The Clintons dine at Orso and go to a Broadway show. Here.

Hard times for … “To Catch A Predator’s” ex-host Chris Hansen. Here.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway dings Politico: “It is embarrassing that Politico treats this as anything other than tinfoil -hat wearing silliness.”

The story in question … is Politico‘s report that Rep Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) says there is “ample evidence” that Trump colluded with Russia. Here.

And Quin Hilyer, a conservative columnist, kindly returns the ding: “You are jumping to conclusions yourself, my friend. You may be right … but it may be that this Tweet ages very poorly indeed.”


Ex-NBCer Megyn Kelly speaks out on Jussie Smollett story

Note: NBC fired Kelly after she claimed that dressing in blackface for Halloween was perfectly acceptable and respectful as long as it is in context with the holiday. She apologized a day later.

MEGYN KELLY: “J. Smollett case had plenty of red flags, but media was too attached to storyline (& victimhood) to see/admit them. Once again, journos dedicated more to proving *themselves* virtuous than to reporting facts botch the story. It’s tiresome & won’t change.”

Memo to CNN’s Brian Stelter: Kelly also thinks your comment — “I think it was really carefully reported by news organizations” is ridiculous. She wrote Monday morning, “Really careful reporting??? Absurd.”

WESLEY LOWERY, race reporter, WAPO: “1. It still remains unclear what exactly happened/didn’t so maybe everyone hold off on sweeping ‘what this means’ analysis. 2. Journalists relayed Smollett’s claim & initial police statements seemingly backing it. ‘Journos’ aren’t the villain here. 3. Santa is black.”

DAVE WEIGEL, El Chapo lookalike, WAPO: “Twitter often blurs ‘the media’ into a blob of celebrities, pundits, and randos, and it does a disservice to the reporters who covered this story the right way. (RELATED: Journalists Eating Their Own Is Pathetic)

A Day In the Life Of A Journalist: ????? 

“tfw all the stuff is moved out of the place you lived for 8 years and you’re just sitting on the couch you’re leaving behind playing ‘thank u, next’ on repeat on yr phone.” — Judy Berman, TV critic, TIME.

Journo discloses her weirdest irrational childhood fear 

“What was your weirdest irrational fear as a child? For a period I was TERRIFIED that someone would sneak a pill into my food that would make me seem dead temporarily, and then I would be buried alive.” — Dana Schwartz, correspondent, Entertainment Weekly.

House Maj. Leader Kevin McCarthy posts odd, shadowy pic for President’s Day