Man Fails Spectacularly When Trying To Dunk Over A Car

Failed Dunk (Credit: Screenshot/Instagram Video

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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It turns out that trying to dunk over a car might not be the smartest idea on the planet.

NOTSportsCenter posted a video on Instagram Sunday night of a man trying to jump over a car during a dunk attempt. (RELATED: Milwaukee Bucks Star Bullies Blake Griffin With Humiliating Dunk)

If you’re wondering how it went, I can play spoiler here for all of you. It went very poorly. The man wiped out and fell hard.

Watch the hilarious video below.


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Let me give you all some free advice. Don’t try stunts like that unless you are a billion-percent sure that you can actually do it.

Otherwise, you’re just asking to get humiliated in front of the entire nation. That may sound harsh, but it’s the truth. (RELATED: Duke Basketball Star Zion Williamson Throws Down 360 Dunk Against Clemson)

I’m not trying to crush all your dreams. I’m trying to stop you from going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Trust me, it’s better to have people wonder whether or not you can do awesome dunks than have them knowing for sure that you can’t.

I don’t know who the man in the video above is, but I’m sure he didn’t have a good day after that wipe. I’m very confident with that proclamation.

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