Illinois Has Cheapest Cases Of Beer In America

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Illinois apparently has the cheapest beer in America.

According to a Thrillist graphic shared by Darren Rovell, a can of beer in Illinois coming from a 24-pack costs only $0.63. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Women On Instagram)

According to the same graphic, Alaska comes in at the most expensive at $1.30 a can.

I did not see these results coming our way. The Alaska part makes sense, but how the hell did Illinois beat out everybody else for cheapest beer?

Wisconsin, the home of Miller, comes in at nearly 76 cents-a-can. Missouri, which is the state of Budweiser, has a cost-per-can of 72 cents (RELATED: It’s So Cold In Wisconsin That Bars Are Closing, Alcohol Shipments Halted)

As a Wisconsin man, I am disappointed and embarrassed by my home state. I refuse to let Illinois beat us at anything, especially when beer is involved.

I’m legit seething right now. Illinois? Are you kidding me? As a nation, we can’t tolerate letting Illinois be good at anything. We just can’t have it.

I’m dialing up all my connections in Wisconsin, of which there are many, and I will do everything I can to right this wrong.

Lowering beer prices back home is now my burden to carry. Am I a hero? Only time will tell.

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