Make Unforgettable Memories On Your Next Ski Trip With The ShotSki

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 After a hardcore day of skiing and snowboarding, there’s nothing better than kicking off those boots and warming your belly with a shot of your favorite liquor. Get the party started on the right note with the Instant SHOTSKI® Kit. For a limited time, The Daily Caller readers can get 20% off this essential item!

Get the party started with these COOL (pardon the pun) shot glasses attached to a ski!

Get the party started with these COOL (pardon the pun) shot glasses attached to a ski!

Get 20 percent off the Instant SHOTSKI® Kit when you buy today

With four stainless steel shot glasses and a docking pad, the Instant SHOTSKI® Kit is a must-have for any winter adventure. Turn your ski, snowboard, or other wintery items into a communal shot-taking surface. It also works with any flat surface, but there’s nothing that fits the mood better than the snowboard you just used for hours to shred the mountain.

Get the Instant SHOTSKI® Kit today for just $19.99. That’s 20% off the original price.

If you’re looking to have an unforgettable adventure with your best friends, make sure you bring along the Instant SHOTSKI® Kit. It’s lightweight and stackable, which makes for very easy transportation. The shot glasses are also dishwasher-safe so cleaning is a piece of cake. It also makes for an ideal gift.

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