This 1TB Wireless Flash Drive Is The Perfect Fit For Your Pocket.

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Let’s face it, in today’s day and age, finding the storage for all of your media needs can be a challenge. Games, movies and apps can each take up over 1 GB of storage, and photos and songs can add up quickly as well, leaving your 16 GB laptop cluttered with notifications to clear storage. Enter an affordable and portable solution to your storage worries: introducing the Somiflashthe world’s smartest 1TB flash drive. 

Successfully crowdfunded on the Indiegogo platform with over $200K in funds, this multi sharing, multi-platform and wireless flash-drive is compact in size when compared to hard drives which offer similar storage capacities. And with dual interface wireless 802.11ac and USB3.1, the Somiflash offers data sharing for up to 12 devices simultaneously! That means you can access files within a drive from 12 different devices without interrupting each other. 

Introducing the Somiflash, the world's smallest 1TB storage device

Introducing the Somiflash, the world’s smallest 1TB storage device

According to the project page, this hard drive is compatible with almost every electronic device that allows external storage. With this huge data storage capability, you would think this flash drive would have some technical drawbacks when it comes to charging speed, but the Somiflash can be charged within an hour and can provide up to 10 hours of continuous battery life.

The Somiflash features industry-leading data storage specs

The Somiflash features industry-leading data storage specs

This wireless Somiflash flash-drive provides an entire TB of portable data for just $199 if you pre-order now

The Somiflash also has the capacity to add an SD card that expands its storage capacity for up to 256GB. Now that’s cool, right? It makes it very easy to transfer files from SD cards to this flash-drive or access files through your smartphone. With a dedicated app for all  iOS and Android devices,  Somiflash make it unbelievably easy to access the data in the drive.

Easily access all of your files stored on the Somiflash through an app on your  iOS and Android devices,

Easily access all of your files stored on the Somiflash through an app on your  iOS and Android devices,

 According to the co-founder of Somiflash, an entrepreneur for an Orlando based company, the Somiflash as been in production for over a year already, and is almost ready for mass production and distribution. If you act now, you can get the Somiflash through pre-booking on Indiegogo at $199 and it’s set to release next month, meaning you can get the device in your hands at a discount by March. You can even get an extra $10 off through the site as they are official Partners for the Somiflash.

If you do decide to wait until the device hits the retail market, the company has set a retail price of  $290 for this ground-breaking 1TB flash drive

Take $10 off this wireless Somiflash flash-drive, compatible with multiple electronic devices  

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