Eric Swalwell Tweets Picture Of Himself Bypassing Trump Tower For Coffee, Twitter Makes Him Pay

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Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell snapped a photo of himself Wednesday “walking to an alternative” to Trump Tower for the coffee he sought on a cold, snowy day in New York City.

Then he posted it to Twitter, and the snowstorm really erupted.

“It’s snowing in #NewYork,” Swalwell tweeted. “I need coffee. The closest cafe is inside Trump Tower. This is me walking to an alternative.”

Predictably, Twitter users far and wide felt compelled to poke fun at the California congressman. Brooklyn writer and conservative activist Stephen Miller even managed to goad Swalwell into a response:

Plenty of others joined in the fun. (RELATED: Countless Triggered Twitter Randos ‘Literally Shaking’ Over Beto Loss)

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