Jake Gyllenhaal Brings Coughing Woman Water During Performance

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

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Jake Gyllenhaal again proved he is the best guy in America by stopping his play mid-performance to bring a coughing woman a glass of water.

According to Entertainment Weekly, in the middle of his monologue in “Sea Wall/A Life,” a woman started coughing really, really loudly (as he describes) from somewhere in the audience. Gyllenhaal said he just stopped what he was doing and asked her if she was okay.

When she said she was fine but was still coughing, Gyllenhaal left the stage and returned with water for the woman.

Shockingly, chivalry does still exist. What kind of man just stops everything they are doing to help a woman who insists she is okay? Jake Gyllenhaal does. Maybe Gyllenhaal should write a book titled “How To Be A Decent Person.” I think many people could benefit from it.

The fact that people are shocked he did something this nice for someone so obviously in need proves we all need to be better people. It is huge, though. As a celebrity, acknowledging someone outside the celebrity sphere is a really big deal. (RELATED: Jake Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway Get Comfortable (And Naked!) On The New Cover Of Entertainment Weekly)

Can you imagine being this woman though? If Jake Gyllenhaal brought me a cup of water, I’m not even sure I’d drink it. I would just save it forever. I would never leave another water cup on my nightstand ever just so Jake Gyllenhaal’s water cup could have a permanent place to rest.

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Another thing I’m sure America agrees on and needs to be noted: Jake Gyllenhaal is the hottest man in America. Just go ahead and watch the video above.

All I can say is, you guys should be more like Jake.