Mueller Could Finish Next Week, And The ‘Resistance’ Isn’t Quite Sure How To Spin It

REUTERS/Molly Riley

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CNN’s report that special counsel Robert Mueller could wind up his investigation and deliver his much-anticipated report as early as next week has the anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ seemingly struggling to sustain a consistent narrative.

Some speculated that Mueller could have been pressured by recently-confirmed Attorney General William Barr to end the investigation prematurely.

Others, like Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, seemed to express concern that Barr could decline to make the entire report public. (RELATED: Eric Swalwell Tweets Picture Of Himself Bypassing Trump Tower For Coffee, Twitter Makes Him Pay)

Some took the James Clapper approach, managing expectations by acknowledging that the report could be “anti-climactic,” but arguing that Trump should still be impeached nonetheless.

Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko even questioned CNN’s credibility based on the fact that it hired a “GOP operative.”

Finally, there was everyone else:

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